Astro Flyer

the Astro Flyer is the monthly newsletter of the Shoalhaven Astronomers. Selecting the Issue from the list below will display that issue in a new tab. Once opened, the Astro Flyer can be read, printed or downloaded to your PC.

the Astro Flyer contains sections each month that cover current events and items of interest:

  • ‘Out There’ by our Observations officer Bob Turnbull
  • ‘Sky Objects’ by Eugene O’Connor
  • ‘Astro Events’ by Frank Gross
  • ‘More Club Information’ by our editor Kaye Johnston

In addition there are often feature articles as listed below.

Feature Articles
August 2017 ‘The LMC “Blue Filaments”’ Harry Roberts Pages 13-14
September 2017 ‘The Trifid Nebula’ Harry Roberts Pages 15-16
October 2017 Solar Snippets’ Harry Roberts Pages 14-16
November 2017 Lunar Snippets’ Harry Roberts Pages 12-13
January 2018 ‘M42: Summer amid the Stars’ Harry Roberts Page 15
February 2018 ‘M42: Summer amid the Stars’ Harry Roberts Pages 13-16
March 2018 ‘M42: NGC3699: Planetary Nebula in Centaurus’ Harry Roberts Pages 14-15
‘NGC5189: Planetary Nebula in Musca’ Harry Roberts Pages 16-17
April 2018 N/A
May 2018 N/A
June 2018 ‘Planetary NGC 3242. Hya’ By Harry Roberts Pages 10-11
July 2018 ‘Solar News’ Harry Roberts Pages 10-11
August 2018 ‘Solar News’ Harry Roberts Pages 12-13
September 2018 N/A
October 2018 N/A
November 2018 N/A
January 2019 ‘M42 The Beginning: Orion’s “Sword”’ Harry Roberts Pages 10-11
‘“Something Old, Something New” – Maury’ Harry Roberts Pages 12-13
February 2019 ‘SC24 Solar Minimum: Puzzling Times’ Harry Roberts Pages 11-14
‘Nebulas in Orion H alpha photography’ Page 15
March 2019 ‘Sirius A and B’ Harry Roberts Page 12
April 2019 ‘NGC2207: a Galaxy Pair’ Harry Roberts Page 11
‘‘Stellar Powerhouse’: the S Doradus ‘Nebula’’ Harry Roberts Page 12
‘A Southern Challenge: NGC3195′ Harry Roberts Page 13
May 2019 ‘Large Magellanic Cloud’ by Harry Roberts Pages 10-11
‘Solar News’ Harry Roberts Page 12-14
June 2019 ‘Large Magellanic Cloud’ by Harry Roberts Pages 12-13
‘Solar News’ Harry Roberts Page 14-16
July 2019 ‘Lunar Craters’ by Harry Roberts Pages 13-14
August 2019 ‘Moon Watching’ by Harry Roberts Pages 14-15
September 2019 TBA
October 2019 ‘On ‘Icy’ Shores: Sheepshanks’ by Harry Roberts Pages 12-13

Amateur astronomers from Shoalhaven Australia.