Shoalhaven Astronomers

XMAS Break – December 2023

Shoalhaven Astronomers will be taking a break from the usual over XMAS and will resume normal association activities in January 2024 with our association meeting on 19Jan24.

  • Milky Way Nightscape

If you are looking for new and interesting things that you have never seen before:

  • Astronomy is a hobby for all ages.
  • Get started with a pair of binoculars and the universe is your oyster.
  • Get help from people who also enjoy astronomy and make new friends.
  • This web site has something for everyone. This web site is designed to give you a little information on the basics of astronomy. There are pages for the beginner and  the experienced.
  • Navigate your way through the web site and enjoy the world of stars and galaxies.
  • New articles will be added from time to time and material updated each month on the things that you can see from your own backyard.

Upcoming events of interest are listed on the calendars.

Amateur astronomers from Shoalhaven Australia.