Astronomical Data

The first Astronomical Data menu item provides access to the Astro Flyer – the SA newsletter.

The other menu items listed in the Astronomical Data menu lead to external websites that have useful and extensive astronomical information for the amateur astronomer such as:

  • An excellent online planetarium “The Sky Live”. This can be set to any location and date/time combination to give a realistic view of the night sky. the site has many other items of interest to the amateur astronomer.
  • The current and forecast weather for the next few days.
  • Seeing conditions for tonight and the next 3 days.
  • Rise/Set times for all major solar system bodies.

Time varying data relevant to the astronomer located near Nowra NSW is presented below.

Seeing Conditions

  • the meteoblue link above will take you to the external website where extended 3 day information is available.
  • Look for dark blue colours in the cloud cover and green values in the seeing values for good seeing conditions.
  • Cloud cover ranges from dark blue (0%) to white (100%). Fog or very low clouds are not shown here.


Timing Data

The timing data for the sun, moon, planets, the ISS and Iridium satellite flares are listed in the tables below.

Astronomical Times for Nowra (-34.888, 150.568)
Starting 19 Nov 2019, for the next 10 days
DateMorningSunriseSunsetEveningMoonriseMoonsetMoon Phase
19 Nov 201904:1005:4019:4521:1500:5911:24day 21 of Moon
20 Nov 201904:0905:3919:4621:1601:4312:31
21 Nov 201904:0905:3919:4721:1702:2213:39
22 Nov 201904:0805:3819:4821:1802:5914:47day 24 of Moon
23 Nov 201904:0805:3819:4921:1903:3315:55
24 Nov 201904:0705:3719:5021:2004:0717:03
25 Nov 201904:0705:3719:5121:2104:4318:12day 28 of Moon
26 Nov 201904:0705:3719:5221:2205:2119:21
27 Nov 201904:0605:3619:5321:2306:0220:28
28 Nov 201904:0605:3619:5421:2406:4821:31day 1 of Moon

Planetary Data for today

Visible ISS Passes
ISS image. Credit: NASA
DateBrightnessStartHighest pointEnd
25 Nov-1.805:07:2910°N05:10:1925°NE05:13:1010°ESE
26 Nov-1.104:20:1810°NNE04:22:0314°NE04:23:5010°E
27 Nov-3.705:06:3810°NW05:10:0189°NE05:13:2710°SE
28 Nov-3.004:19:5323°NNW04:21:3744°NE04:24:5410°ESE

Visible Iridium Flares for the next 7 days
No visible Iridium Flares during this time period

Amateur astronomers from Shoalhaven Australia.