About Shoalhaven Astronomers

Shoalhaven Astronomers (SA) was started by a group of local amateur astronomers who felt there was enough interest in astronomy in the Shoalhaven area to maintain a monthly meeting where they could share information and enjoy the company of like minded people.

In 1991 the first meetings were in the homes of the members until moving to Vincentia Public School, and then Falls Creek Primary School made their meeting hall available for the group. This provided space for a library cupboard and the playground for observing. Unfortunately observing at Falls Creek was hindered by dew and mosquitoes and a new site was found at the nearby naval base. The local Nowra Hill primary school was approached and the club relocated to a new venue. Whilst the viewing was improved, the small class room with small desks and chairs was better suited to small people! Ensuing years saw development adjacent to the observing field, increasing light pollution via flood lights and the once perfect dark sky became an illuminated vista.

As the membership grew, the need to find a place that could provide the facilities for lectures and larger group meetings became apparent. The University of Wollongong’s Shoalhaven Campus had offered itself to the club on many occasions and was used for public meetings and lectures. After a trial period the club voted to move the club monthly meetings to the Shoalhaven Campus as a permanent venue.

Although the membership varies from year to year, there is an average of 35 members of which 20+ attend meetings regularly. The active members also meet at different locations at other times to find the perfect dark sky site.

SA members have a wide variety of skills and interests, and we cater for the beginner and advanced astronomer alike.
You do not need a telescope to join!

SA is committed to promoting cooperation between amateur and professional astronomers.

We publish a monthly journal, the Astro Flyer, which is distributed free of charge to SA members. An extensive archive of  previous Astro Flyer issues are available on this web site (login required).

Information on how to join SA is available on the Join page.

Amateur astronomers from Shoalhaven Australia.